Archiving, Reissues and Remastering

RiMatch Music and Audio provides a variety of consultation and editing services to help create great, comprehensive audio archives for reissue and anniversary projects. 


I have reconstructed the final sequences for several classic records, prepared records for mastering, helped develop and simplify storage facility inventory lists, and done quality control for the audio side of many reissues, acting as a bridge between labels, transfer facilities and mastering studios and providing feedback along the way to make sure the project has the right mixes and the best quality digital audio possible. 

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Vinyl Reissue Audio Supervision Credits

DE LA SOUL - Three Feet High and Rising (2019 Vinyl Me Please 12" Exclusive)

DE LA SOUL - De La Soul is Dead (2019 Vinyl Me Please 12" Exclusive)

HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL - So... How's Your Girl? (2019 Vinyl Me Please 12" Exclusive)

NAUGHTY BY NATURE - Poverty's Paradise (25th Anniversary Edition) (Record Store Day Black Friday)

Digital Audio Reissue Audio Supervision and Remaster Credits

Average Disco Band - Music of the Beatles Goes Disco (2019 Remaster)

The Baskerville Hounds - Here I Come Miami (2019 Remaster)

The Birchwood Band - It's All In The Family (2019 Remaster)


Chocolate Syrup - Stop Your Cryin'/The Goodness of Love (2019 Remaster) 

The Electric Express - Bee Pee/I Can't Believe We Did (The Whole Thing) (2019 Remaster)

Fargo Tanner - I Go Crazy/Don't Drop It (2019 Remaster)


Gershon Kingsley & Leonid Hambro - Gershwin: Alive & Well Underground (2019 Remaster)

Jim Alley - Her Memory is Home Tonight/I'd Like to Sleep ('Til I Get Over You) (2019 Remaster)

Jimmy Angel - Save the Pieces/The Meanest Girl in the Whole World (2019 Remaster)

Limmie & Family Cookin - A Walkin' Miracle/Here's Tomorrow (2019 Remaster)

Limmie & Family Cookin - I'll Be Your Song/Saxophone Jones (2019 Remaster)

Limmie & Family Cookin - You Can Do Magic/Spide (2019 Remaster) 


Naughty by Nature - It's On (2019 Remaster) 

Naughty by Nature - Written On Your Kitten (2019 Remaster) 

Prince Rakeem - Ooh I Love You Rakeem (2019 Remaster)

Randolph Walker - Do Me Wrong/Miss Jacksons Daughter (2019 Remaster)

Various Artists - C.C. and Company - Soundtrack (2019 Remaster)

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