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Digital Library Supervision Credits

Amber (First two LPs and associated remix packages)
Apache (Tommy Boy Discography)
Black By Demand (Complete Discography)
Brand Nubian (Elektra Discography)
Capone-N-Noreaga (First two albums)
Coolio (first three albums)
De La Soul (Tommy Boy discography)
DITC (Worldwide LP and singles)
Foesum (Penalty album)
Freshco and Miz (Tommy Boy releases, both separate and together)
Grand Puba (Elektra discography)
Handsome Boy Modeling School (first two albums)
Jonzun Crew (Tommy Boy discography)
K7 (Swing Batta Swing LP)
Lord Finesse (The Awakening)
Naughty by Nature (first three albums)
Noreaga (first two albums)
Planet Patrol (Tommy Boy discography)
Prince Rakeem (Oooh I Love You Rakeem)
Queen Latifah (First two albums)
Sweet Trio (Tommy Boy singles)
TKA (first two LPs)
Uptown (Dope on Plastic single)
Various Tommy Boy Records singles and compilations

Vinyl/Physical Media Reissue Audio Supervision Credits

Brand Nubian - One For All (Remastered 2020 2xLP and bonus 7" Edition) 
Brand Nubian - In God We Trust  (Remastered 2023 2xLP and bonus 7" Edition)

Capone-N-Noreaga - War Report (Original Master 2021 2xLP edition) 
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (Remastered Record Store 2020 Edition) 
Coolio - It Takes a Thief (2022 RSD Reissue)
Coolio - My Soul (2022 Reissue)
Club Nouveau - Life, Love & Pain (Remastered 2022 Edition)

De La Soul - Three Feet High and Rising (Remastered 2019 VMP Pressing)
De La Soul - De La Soul is Dead (Remastered 2019 VMP Pressing)
De La Soul - De La Soul is Dead (Remastered 2021 2xLP Edition) 
Digital Underground - This Is an E.P. Release (Original Master 2021 1xLP Edition) 
Digital Underground - Sex Packets (Original Master 2021 2xLP Edition)
Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings the Blues (2022 RSD Reissue)
House of Pain - Fine Malt Lyrics (30th Anniversary Editions - Standard and Deluxe)
Information Society - Information Society (2022 1xLP Reissue) 
Information Society - Peace and Love Inc. (2023 2xLP Reissue)
Force MDs - Let Me Love You - The Greatest Hits (Original Master 2021 2xLP Edition) 
Jonzun Crew - Lost in Space (Remastered 2021 1xLP Edition) - Also remastered
Grand Puba - Reel To Reel (Remastered Record Store Day Black Friday 2020 Release) 
Grand Puba - 2000 (2022 1xLP Reissue)
Handsome Boy Modeling School - So... How's Your Girl (Original Master Vinyl Me Please 2019 Edition)
Handsome Boy Modeling School - White People (Original Master 2021 2xLP Edition) 
Lord Finesse - The Awakening (Remastered 25th Anniversary 2xLP Deluxe Edition)
Lord Finesse - The Awakening (Original Master Vinyl Me Please 2020 Edition 1xLP) 

Naughty by Nature - Naughty by Nature (2021 2xLP Reissue)
Naughty by Nature - Poverty's Paradise (2019 Remastered 2xLP + bonus 7" Edition)
Naughty by Nature - 19 Naughty III (2023 Remastered 2xLP Edition)

Noreaga - N.O.R.E (Original Master 2021 1xLP Edition) 
RuPaul - Supermodel of the World (2022 Picture Disc Reissue)
The Stylistics - Best of the Stylistics (2021 1xLP Remaster)
Total - Can't You See (Remastered 25th Anniversary 7" Edition) 
Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - The Hustle (2022 RSD 12" Single)
The Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk/Ain't Nothing But Something To Do (2022 RSD 12" Single)

Various Artists – AVCO Visions Soul Covers (RSD Fall 2022)
Various Artists – Tommy Boy’s Baddest Beats (RSD Fall 2022)

Digital Audio Back Catalog Remaster/Restoration Credits

Average Disco Band - Music of the Beatles Goes Disco
Al Caiola - Bonaza Guitars
Allan Nicholls - Goin' Down/Sounds and Noises
Anthony Watson - Solid Love Affair/I Can't Stop this Feeling 

​The Baskerville Hounds - Here I Come Miami
Bead Game - Welcome
Ben Aiken - The Philly Groove Singles
Bluewater - Bluewater
Brand Nubian - The Instrumental Collection
Brenda & Herb - In Heat Again
Chambers Brothers - Unbonded
The Changing Scene - Sweet and Sour/Sit Down Lorraine
Chocolate Syrup - Stop Your Cryin'/The Goodness of Love
CL Blast - CL Blast
Della Reese - Black is
Della Reese - Right Now
Disciple - Come and See Us As We Are
Donnie Elbert - Ooo Baby Baby/Tell Her For Me
Donnie Elbert - I Can't Help Myself
Ed Boze - Lady of Stone/You're a Part of Me
Ed Boze - Lonely/Memories
Eddie Horan - Love the Way You Love Me
The Electric Duck - Little People/Most People Get Happy
​The Electric Express - Bee Pee/I Can't Believe We Did (The Whole Thing) 
Eric Mercury - Electric Black Man
​Fargo Tanner - I Go Crazy/Don't Drop It 
Flesh - Are You Ready/Heaven Or Hell
Flyer - Send a Little Love
Geoffrey Stevens - Grant Street Church/Serene
Gershon Kingsley & Leonid Hambro - Gershwin: Alive & Well Underground 
Glass Bottle - The Glass Bottle
Glass Bottle - I Ain't Got Time Anymore
Globe and Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr. DJ
Henry Mancini - Sunflower - Soundtrack
Hot Ice - Frisco Annie
Jammer - Ya Know What I Mean/A Degree In Your Love
​Limmie & Family Cookin - A Walkin' Miracle/Here's Tomorrow ​
Limmie & Family Cookin - I'll Be Your Song/Saxophone Jones ​
Limmie & Family Cookin - You Can Do Magic/Spider
Love Potion - Our Love Story/I Wish You Could Know Me
Louis Armstrong - Louis 'Country and Western' Armstrong
Maxine Brown - Picked Up Packed and Put Away/Bella Mia
Maxine Brown - IOU/Treat Me Like a Lady
Marc Copage - Who Can I Turn To/Will It Be Me
Melanie - Am I Real Or What?
Milt Matthews - Milt Matthews
Naughty by Nature - It's On​
Naughty by Nature - Written On Your Kitten 
OxBow Incident - Stumble and Fall/Love Sweet Love
The Pastor Brothers - Don't Leave Me Baby/Johnathan
​Prince Rakeem - Ooh I Love You Rakeem
Reparata and the Delrons - 1970 Rock and Roll Revolution
Royce Jones - Momma Look Sharp/Sing a Simple Song
Sandy Mercer - Hey Love Come and Get It
The Saxophone Circus - The Saxophone Circus
Sharon Britt - Guess Who I Belong To/Rescue Will Come
Shawn Elliott Santiago - Mr. Love
Smokey John Bull - Smokey John Bull
The Softones - The Very Best of the Softones
The Stylistics - Thank You Baby
The Stylistics - Wonder Woman
Sweet Mama Love - Dirty Dawg/Oh Oh Yeah Hallelujah
The Yak - Eric Cleveland/Every Little Thing
Thundermug - Long Tall Sally
Van McCoy - Love Is the Answer
Van McCoy - Disco Kid
Van McCoy - Rhythms of the World
Van McCoy - The Real McCoy
Van McCoy - Disco Baby
Van McCoy - The Hustle and the Best of Van McCoy
Vicki Bird - The Spelling Game/Should I Stay At Home
Vicki Bird - Louisiana Swamp Rat/The Devil Gets His Nights
Vicky Leandros - Across the Water (US Version)
Vivian Reed - Brown Sugar

Various Artists - C.C. and Company - Soundtrack
Various Artists - The People Next Door - Soundtrack
Various Artists - The Ruling Class - Soundtrack
Weight - One Man's Queen is Another Man's Sweat Hog
Windsor Tunnel - Windsor Tunnel


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