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A need for digital archives, especially ones associated with companies creating commercial products (or ones trying to track the history of commercial products), concerns contextualizing both production and non-production digital and physical assets and their QC materials within the histories of previously commercially released products.  Below is a system you can use to help track metadata and deliverables for the above needs. 

While this is simply a guide on how someone could organize and present digital and physical metadata and assets for reissues, this sort of organization can be applied to either a buildable database or even just within the context of typical file and folder drive or cloud storage. It can be easily changed to fit the individual needs of a user or organization. 



This is a demo guide for how this would work in recorded music industry circumstances. The green highlighted squares are what would be able to be navigated and the bolded text is what will lead us to the next demo layer.

Layer One – Entry and Artist Selection


This is a list of artists under the umbrella of the company. Click “Artist Name 1” to go to the next layer and to see a list of major umbrella releases associated with this artist.

Layer Two – Artist Page


Under the artist category we see a list of their major projects. Click album 1 to go to the next layer to see the specific releases associated with this umbrella.

Layer Three – Product History


In this category we see the history of releases associated with this umbrella release. Among these would be each pressing in each format, as well as associated singles and EP products that fall under this album cycle. Click the “30th Anniversary Edition” of the album’s UPC to proceed to the next layer.

Layer Four – Product Information


In this section we see a list of the tracks associated with this specific product, if they’re part of the original release sequencing or bonus material, the file name for the source used as well as the file format information and the original source material and associated storage barcode. Click “Track 1 Title” to go to the next layer.

Layer Five – Track Information


In this section we see the track deliverables breakdown. Clicking any of these formats will bring you to the next layer and the associated digital content for this deliverable format. Click 2-track to proceed to the next layer. 

Layer Six –Asset Listing


In this section we see a list of available digital assets for this 2-track audio mix and associated information as well as what projects that digital file was used on (clicking on those projects will bring you back to the associated layer 4 information.) Click on 5783459873_01.wav to proceed to the download and QC layer.

Layer Seven – Asset Download and QC


In this section we see a link to download the digital asset as well as a text field for associated QC information about this file.

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