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Selected Discography - New Music

Angie Ripe - Go it Alone (Production, Mix)

Angie Ripe - OGs (Mix)

Angie Ripe - Soul Surfin' (Mix)

Annalie Prime - Guns of Hysteria (Production, Mix)

Annalie Prime - Strong (Production, Mix)

Andrew Elder - All This Love (Mix)

Dylan Aiello - Better Life (Mix)

Gasoline Tequila & Sara Sommerer - Written in Code (Production, Mix)

Esbie Fonte - Time Traveler (Production, Mix)

Esbie Fonte - Cobwebs (Productions, Mix)

Genesis Be - People Not Things (Mix)

Genesis Be - Promise Ring (Mix)

Genesis Be - Immortal (Mix)

Genesis Be - I Don't Wanna Talk (Mix)

Jason Anderson - The Mark (Production, Mix)

Liz Lieber - Stuck (Production, Mix, Master)

Liz Lieber - Love Don't Run (Production, Mix, Master)

Liz Lieber - Mess With Gravity (Production, Mix, Master) 

Mike Doughty - Stellar Motel (Production, Mix, Engineer)

Mike Doughty - Circles... (Production, Mix, Engineer)

Mike Doughty - The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns (Production, Mix, Engineer)

Michael Mott - Abandonded Heart (Production, Mix)

Michael Mott - The Impossible (Production, Mix)

MC Lars & Mega Ran - The Dewey Decibel System (Select songs - production, mix, engineer. Whole album - master)

MC Lars - The Jeff Sessions (Select songs - production, mix, engineer)

MC Lars & Schaffer the Darklord - Friendalorians (Production, mix, master) 

MC Lars - Notes from Toontown (Production, Mix)

MC Lars - I Am The Liquor Randy Pt 2 (Remix) 

MC Lars - Revenge of the Nerds 2 (Production, Mix, Master)

MC Lars, Mega Ran, Koo Koo Kanga Roo - The Stonehendge Song (Co-production, mix, master)

Miss Eaves - Feminasty (Mix) 

Miss Eaves - How It Is (Production, Mix, Master)

Miss Eaves - Sad (Production, Mix, Master)

Miss Eaves - Santa Please (Production, Mix, Master)

Miss Eaves - Fast Forward (Production, Mix, Master) 

Miss Eaves - Me AF (Select songs - production, whole album - mix, master) 

Primo and Betamaxx - Watch Me (Co-mix) 

Primo and Mister the Kid - Posession (Mix)

Primo and Ace Buchannon - Secret (Mix)

Sara Sommerer - Overthinking (Production, Mix)

Sara Sommerer - Hot Blood (Production, Mix)

We R OK - Down & Out (Mix)

We R OK - Rolling Stoned (Mix)

We R OK - Ghosts (Mix)

and lots more!